Current Stock

At Central District Cyclery we have a wide range of bicycles in stock. As the seasons change, the type and quantity of bicycles can change dramatically this listing is current as of February 25, 2017.



As a group of dirtbags some of our favorite rides are in the woods on purpose built mountain bike trails. All of the models we carry are well suited to the trails in and around lower Michigan.


Road - City

The road bikes we stock generally fall in the touring and city bikes camp rather than the racing side of things. Kona has a wide range of all road bikes ranging from the flat bar Dew to the gold standard touring bike the Sutra. There is overlap in most of the models we have chosen to stock so in many cases a good gravel bike can also make a tremendously capable everyday commuter.



We have been into Fatbikes longer than any other shop in Grand Rapids. Our stock consists of Kona and Rocky Mountain fatbikes. In addition we are a dealer for Otso Cycles and the original fatbike company Fatback cycles. All of our staff are intimately involved with riding and living the fatbike lifestyle. These bikes make a great year round do it all bike and can be set up as a fantastic mountain bike in the summer.