Memorial Day Weekend in Brown County

Join us for an incredible weekend of mountain biking in Brown County, Indiana. It's an absolutely killer spot to spend a few days shredding, and we'll bringing all our CDC pals south to explore. Make your camping plans now! Most of the group has campsite in the Raccoon Ridge Campground in the park. Call the shop for more details! You won't want to miss this trip. 

Here's a great site with more information. 

The Dirty Kanza Experience: A Travelougue by James

Central District Cyclery (map)

James is taking on the mighty, the feared Dirty Kanza, and you can revel in his tales of glory! See how James prepared for this incredible race, how he fared, and what he learned. This is so much more than a race, it's a test of mental fortitude. Make sure you stop by and enjoy the story. 

It's Getting Hot: Stay Hydrated

With summer heating up, we'll talk about how to stay properly hydrated in any heat. From commuting to racing, any effort in summer weather can make a big impact on your body's chemistry. We'll talk about amounts, hydration mixes, and recovery options. 

Fourth of July Weekend In Marquette

Join us for our annual trip to Marquette, Michigan for the Fourth of July! Celebrate our wonderful nation by riding bikes in one of the best places in AMERICA. Most of us are camping in the Marquette Tourist Park which is right on the North trails and a short pedal from the South Trails. Call the shop for more details and to make camp site arrangements.