Tune-up, Repair, and Service

We service all bikes. Simple adjustments to full repair and build. All work is performed in house by certified Professional Bike Mechanics Association mechanics. 

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Suspension Tuning

Central District Cyclery will be including an in depth suspension tuning consultation with the purchase of our mountain bikes with suspension. We’ll set you up with our ShockWiz tuning systems.

What is a ShockWiz?


We’ll be setting newly purchased full suspension bikes up to a set of our ShockWiz computers and allowing you to ride your favorite trails. The app will allow you to store multiple settings for each individual trail. It’ll allow us to spend the time and go in depth on all things suspension. We’ll go over all the data from the ShockWiz. We’ll thoroughly explain all the different settings and also have the ability to make those changes at the trailhead, giving you real time feedback on the adjustments that we make to your bike. It allows us to properly set up your new bike to you!

All external suspension adjustments will be included with the session. When making internal suspension adjustments, they’ll be subject to a $50 suspension tuning charge.